Amy Reid – Pornstar Interview by Zzinsider

Here’s a pornstar interview with Amy Reid while she’s between shoots for ‘Pornstars Like it Big‘, blah blah-ing about her co-stars and what not.

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4 Comments for Amy Reid – Pornstar Interview by Zzinsider

  1. parrrtypants on May 11, 2013: ()

    amy reid no longer turns me on. wow watching her chew her gum and listening
    to her talking, wow, she seems like she has the mentality of a 13 year old

  2. Wayne Manzo on September 27, 2013: ()

    Your better off listening to Amy Reid then Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman?
    Why? Because Amy God Dam Man is a Super jew Martian bitch who will never
    tell the public about the Super jew race of telepaths that has invaded
    America enslaving all the Human Gentiles forcing them to breed Super jew
    telepathic kids and starving them for sex so they have to watch Amy Reid
    play with herself while they play with themselves. Maybe Amy can take over
    Kelly Rippa’s job? Wake Up!

  3. Wayne Manzo on September 27, 2013: ()

    Amy, tell me it is not true that Human Gentiles are being killed by Super
    jew Klan hookers who look like they are human but are actually Martians?
    And, it’s against jew law for Human Gentiles to have sex with Super jews
    and this is the unknown known vector concerning how so many Human Gentiles
    were infected with HIV and AIDS! The Super jews shoot up the Human Gentiles
    after they have sex__and the result is a slow, ugly death__not from the
    virus but from being fried by the Super jews! Wake Up!

  4. Florin Herlea on May 17, 2014: ()

    Amy Ried one of my favorite pornstars his body its amazing awesome tits not
    fake tits beautiful pussy too bad he doesn’t work with Brazzers anymore

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