Can he Score with Amy Reid?

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Amy Reid in something new, so here’s some extended footage from her blind date on reality show Can He Score? It seems a given, but it’s still interesting to watch her try to have a ‘normal’ date.

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71 Comments for Can he Score with Amy Reid?

  1. victor613voss on August 19, 2010: ()

    OMG thats her BF must be really smart or really loaded

  2. victor613voss on August 19, 2010: ()

    @victor613voss what is tihs a date game with amy whats it called i wanna
    try i think we would tattaly click

  3. 999alex9991 on September 15, 2010: ()

    @victor613voss more really loaded

  4. 999alex9991 on September 15, 2010: ()

    @victor613voss check on

  5. Salvador Allende on September 20, 2010: ()

    she has an amazing body but her head is fraking big!!! and she seems like a
    40 years old

  6. paul young on October 26, 2010: ()

    this looks like a scene from blind date. I doubt this her boyfriend. He
    looks like dweeb

  7. Alec Smith on November 5, 2010: ()

    that isnt her boyfriend, they picked him up randomly and paid him to make a
    porno with her, thts wat “” do

  8. jeohuinG on November 19, 2010: ()

    brown bag that shit

  9. Jared Szczesny on December 5, 2010: ()

    @weealecess you’re right..good guess….actually they had him pay for an
    audition to a movie………….so forget ever gettin’ with amy right?

  10. maxk880 on December 9, 2010: ()

    she’s SO hot…

  11. BigBozSicenunow on December 16, 2010: ()

    LOL,dumb whore!

  12. leonardovasilescu on December 21, 2010: ()

    Why do beautiful women have to go and cock up their looks by stripping the
    color out of their hair, injecting shit into their lips and wearing too
    much makeup? Don’t even get me started on implants. Yuk. Fake breasts are
    only slightly softer than mannequin breasts.

  13. demonangel320 on December 29, 2010: ()

    I LUV HER VIDS…but this chick DOES NOT seem interested in this guy at
    all. she doesn’t even look at him at all…SUX 4 him

  14. demonangel320 on December 29, 2010: ()

    at 1:21 sounds like some weird farts. lol

  15. murfad on January 4, 2011: ()

    @mjn76 well, she’s taking the money, so she propably is more intelligent
    than those girls who fuck around just like that 😀

  16. elmachino on January 7, 2011: ()

    @leonardovasilescu You know how I know you’re gay…!?!? Amy Reid is
    absolutely beautiful…hands down one of the hottest chicks in porn

  17. MuzicOrNoise on January 13, 2011: ()

    Amy reid’s tits are real.

  18. madnesselmo on January 21, 2011: ()

    She’s got the nicest natural body ever. Shame she’s such a butterface.

  19. Don Draper on January 24, 2011: ()

    She’s hot as fuck, but my word what a fucking bitch.

  20. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on January 27, 2011: ()

    I always thought Amy Reid sounded cool, but since watching her interviews,
    she sounds like she’s majorly conceited and self-absorbed… like the
    typical “hot” bitch. She’s got by far the greatest body in the world and an
    ok face, but her attitude is disgusting.

  21. Carl Higginson on March 1, 2011: ()

    @weealecess and you believe that?

  22. Carl Higginson on March 1, 2011: ()

    @weealecess and you believe that?

  23. BamfFromLA on March 9, 2011: ()

    It’s clearly a script you idiots…or a bad improv.

  24. CrueFest411 on March 23, 2011: ()

    @MuzicOrNoise if theres one girl i would do in porn, it would be her. shes
    real unlike 90 percent of the bitches in it today

  25. Ian R. Key on April 4, 2011: ()

    Reid needs to go dark again i dont like her blonde …. But they should
    have porn parody That old show Elimidate had this dude with 3 pornstars

  26. Brady2k10 on May 6, 2011: ()

    she got a nice pussy

  27. Kyla Cassidy on May 25, 2011: ()

    This girl is so ridiculously hot. Its a shame she’s such a bitch to
    everyone. She doesn’t even try to fake being nice in interviews LOL.

  28. MaiLiisfly on June 8, 2011: ()

    she´s soo thin, i noticed that now that she actually is that small…

  29. phalanxgripper on August 11, 2011: ()


  30. Grex .Blahblah on August 11, 2011: ()

    @weealecess Nope, porn stars never have sex with random guys on camera. The
    porn business is ALL about testing all talent and making sure the
    actors/actresses are STD-free. Actually as of June 2011 condoms are
    mandatory in porn films. No more condom-free porn. They never just pick up
    a random guy from the streets, it’s always staged. Porn is not real, just
    because they’re saying they’re nymphomanics in the video or they’re saying
    it’s their first time having sex does not mean it’s TRUE.

  31. Grex .Blahblah on August 11, 2011: ()

    @DrunkenLeprechaunPro Greatest body in the world? LOL. Get outside of your
    house once in a while, her body is average, it’s just her boobs that
    actually looks great.

  32. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on August 16, 2011: ()

    @Barbiehoe LOLL I’m from QC, dude. This place is swimming with beautiful
    women and I can assure you that Amy Reid’s body is a perfect 10/10. Ok…
    she’s a little skinny, but pretty much all pornstars are, today, so…

  33. Grex .Blahblah on August 16, 2011: ()

    @DrunkenLeprechaunPro You have very low standards if she is a 10. Her ass
    is completely flat, no curves, just skinny. Pretty much all pornstars are
    today? LOL. Carmella Bing, Shyla Stylez, Nikki Benz, Lisa Ann? All chubby
    pornstars there. And I’m not a dude, I’m a girl. Even I have a better body.

  34. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on August 16, 2011: ()

    @Barbiehoe I’m sure you do, Barbiehoe, but I’m not really into chubby
    chicks. Carmella Bing and Lisa Ann don’t turn me on like Amy Reid does.
    Also, I don’t particularly find fake tits to be attractive, so…
    Congradulations on having a better body, though…

  35. Grex .Blahblah on August 16, 2011: ()

    @DrunkenLeprechaunPro You just complained about her being skinny? I don’t
    like chubby girls either, but if you go to the Brazzers site or anywhere
    you will see that most pornstars are chubby. Lol, I have fake boobs, but
    don’t generalize. Better to have symmetrical and nice looking breasts
    rather than naturally large saggy ones. Have you seen Bibi Jones’s boobs?
    Hers look completely natural.

  36. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on August 17, 2011: ()

    @Barbiehoe Dude, why are you so deffensive! I’m not attacking… What I’m
    saying is that Amy Reid is TOO skinny. There’s thin and there’s skinny. Amy
    Reid, imo, is skinny. But I still find her hot. Give her an added 10 pounds
    and she’d be poyfect! I don’t mind large breasts if they’re proportionate
    to the girl’s body and are well done. Asa Akira, imo, has really nice
    breasts. They’re proportionate. Kenzi Marie… ugh!!

  37. Grex .Blahblah on August 17, 2011: ()

    @DrunkenLeprechaunPro Lol, I’m not. And why are you calling me dude? I
    don’t think she’s too skinny, I’m exactly the same, except I actually
    exercise, so I have a nice % of muscle mass. Amy would look a lot better
    with a fuller backside. I like her arms and stomach though. I looked up
    Kenzi Marie, but can’t see what’s so “ugh” about her breasts. They’re not
    even that big. What do you think about Madelyn Marie’s boobs (her biggest
    ones, not the first set)?

  38. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on August 17, 2011: ()

    @Barbiehoe I call everyone dude. Dude is genderless. And I agree, I think
    Amy Reid should spend more time working out and less time dieting, but I
    still find her very… VERY attractive. Even her ass, imo, is MUCH better
    than many asses in the industry. I’d say her face is the only thing I’d
    fix. I like Madelyn Marie’s boobs. They’re nice. But still too big, imo.
    And I don’t get how you can say Kenzie Marie’s tits aren’t too big. They
    look like balloons on a skeleton!

  39. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on August 17, 2011: ()

    Oh and btw… I find Madelyn Marie’s hair to be fucken awesome. My ex had
    really thick, long hair like that and I’d compliment her on it every day 🙂

  40. Grex .Blahblah on August 17, 2011: ()

    @DrunkenLeprechaunPro Attractive yes, but greatest body in the world?
    Surely you’ve seen better bodies outside porn? She’s probably not even
    dieting, just naturally slim. I have boobs the same size as Madelyn Marie,
    so that’s probably why I don’t think Kenzi Marie’s are too big. They just
    look weird with massive gap between them.

  41. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on August 17, 2011: ()

    @Barbiehoe I’ve seen very nice bodies IRL… but never have I seen as
    beautiful natural breasts as hers… plus she is, like you said, slim. She
    has a nice belly, nice hips… and, imo, a nice ass. All in all, I still
    feel she takes the cake. And like I said, I don’t mean to bash you for your
    implants (because I don’t know what they look like or how tall you are and
    how much you weigh) but I usually feel the breasts should be proportionate
    to the body. Asa Akira has the best implants imo!

  42. Grex .Blahblah on August 18, 2011: ()

    @DrunkenLeprechaunPro Plenty of girls have beautiful breasts naturally,
    that does not mean greatest body in the world. 😉 Plus Amy’s are kinda
    saggy. Look up Zuzana Light, she has a nice full butt and nicer breasts
    (implants now). Better facial features too. And that’s just one of many.

  43. DrunkenLeprechaunPro on August 19, 2011: ()

    @Barbiehoe Saggy? What Natural D’s WON’T sag at least a bit? Trust me, for
    Natural D’s, her breasts are REALLY nice. And no, her hot body isn’t all in
    her breasts… I’ve talked about how I feel about her hips, belly and ass
    before… And I concede that her face is decent… and sub par when there’s
    no make up on. And Zuzana Light’s breasts (pre-implants) weren’t half as
    big as Amy Reid’s lolll

  44. Grex .Blahblah on August 19, 2011: ()

    @DrunkenLeprechaunPro Who cares about size? Symmetry is everything. Saggy
    means ugly to me. Sagginess is natural, but natural isn’t necessarily
    attractive. I’m sure you’re not loving saggy asses, cellulite or stretch
    marks either. Zuzana’s were/are much nicer and her figure is nicer too.
    What’s strange about Amy Reid is that she’s slim, yet she has a double
    chin? Zuzana all the way. <3

  45. ILoveMyDickInYourAss on October 18, 2011: ()

    Amy Reid really love Cum in her ass.

  46. Willa bema on October 25, 2011: ()

    I’m glad she did interracial with Mr. Marcus!

  47. freemusicblogg on November 23, 2011: ()

    Best set of natural tits in porn industry. Size, shape…everything.

  48. CODPerryThePlatypus on December 12, 2011: ()

    lmao, that guy has the smallet legs ever

  49. dostoyevesky12 on December 23, 2011: ()

    this guy is a tool

  50. dostoyevesky12 on December 23, 2011: ()

    @KylacassidyVids I’m not completely sure if she is being a bitch or if
    that’s just the way she seems, she could just be nice but people are
    reading her wrong

  51. holekyo on December 27, 2011: ()

    so as britney said ‘if you seek amy’. Then listen. If it will goes only
    about sex, i will do it rather with amy than with you. She knows how to do
    it and she’s got that amazing ‘sour face mimic’ i love so much. So i will
    rather go with her than with you, after all shits you said about me theough
    zll those times. Sex with you is not possible now after all you did to me.

  52. Suspiria10 on January 30, 2012: ()

    Why would her boyfriend be ok with her banging other guys

  53. Dimitry Raskolnikov on March 4, 2012: ()

    Amy seems spent, like she’s got no energy. I guess porn does this to people.

  54. Canuckshousz on March 26, 2012: ()

    No I thought they picked up her brother you idiot.

  55. stewiegriffinfan123 on March 28, 2012: ()

    if it was her boy freind hey is one lucky son a bitch

  56. Shadow Shadow on June 12, 2012: ()

    he’s not actually random

  57. da_hooliii on July 12, 2012: ()

    Wonderful girl,originally from Germany.

  58. ulikemyflow on July 16, 2012: ()

    her boyfriend/fiance is justice young..he is hotttt

  59. Dilhan Huseyin on July 19, 2012: ()

    iho iho of to you jizz we go

  60. Mike Hunt on August 1, 2012: ()

    You stupid fuck obviously

  61. Elite199 on August 12, 2012: ()

    You kidding? You obviously haven’t watched any of her pornos. Her tits are
    real, you dumbfuck. Now go fuck off and watch your GAY pornos.

  62. Jonathan Sonnier on September 2, 2012: ()

    You are all dumb fucks… I’ll whit all your dumb fucking asses

  63. Rocksparadox From the blocks on December 6, 2012: ()

    She doesn’t do the fucking, she gets fucked…and when those girls are on
    top, the guys still lift the girls ass with their hands. Women in porn make
    more money than men, doing less, but taking it in more holes. :O

  64. Rayven strong on January 30, 2013: ()

    I think it’s sexual discrimination that female pornstars make more money
    than the male porn stars.

  65. scott fontaine on October 7, 2013: ()

    Its so funny how bored she is with that guy in the car. I just saw Amy
    today in passing. She looked healthy and beautiful like her videos. She is
    also very skinny. I guess that’s what makes her boobs look bigger and
    better. A classy lady

  66. d sar on October 11, 2013: ()

    A REAL classy lady, that sucks and fucks guys on camera for money… HAHA
    faggot, what exactly is a “unclassy” woman in your eyes.

  67. d sar on October 11, 2013: ()

    OBVIOUSLY because only gays care about the men, real straight men watch
    porn for the hot sluts

  68. D T on October 23, 2013: ()

    Tiger Tiger Woods y’all

  69. Reed Degagne on March 3, 2014: ()

    where do i find this porno at? i cant find it anymore!

  70. Jay Casem on July 23, 2014: ()

    brb.. umm.. gonna go.. uhhh wash the laundry? 😉 

  71. Eddie Da Silva on September 11, 2014: ()

    I kinda get the feeling Amy Reid doesn’t/isn’t into porn don’t get me wrong
    she’s hot but has “a lot” of trouble faking it.

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