Amy Reid’s second boy/girl video ever!

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Pornstar Amy Reid strips down from a blue bikini.

This is the intro scene for one of Amy Reid’s earliest videos, where she struts around in her blue bikini before the guy enters the picture for some hardcore pussy play. You do catch a glimpse of him worshipping and slapping that fine ass though… and who wouldn’t do the same?

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7 Comments for Amy Reid’s second boy/girl video ever!

  1. tinybik3r on September 10, 2015: ()

    first porn video I ever saw, lot of memories…
    must find the complete version of this.

  2. spidigierek on September 10, 2015: ()

    fantastic beauty

  3. Cyrezmk1 on September 10, 2015: ()

    germany ? really ? never knew that :DDD

  4. dfcfghj on September 10, 2015: ()

    Super sexy.

  5. xXxBerkxXx on September 10, 2015: ()

    nice vid

  6. Hauser309 on September 10, 2015: ()

    You can never go wrong with this chick.

  7. videoho_2 on September 10, 2015: ()


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